Due to Covid-19, I have been directed by my chain of command not to volunteer, to limit my potential exposure to Covid-19. Will this affect my application?

The Calgary Police Service recognizes that your lack of recent volunteer experience is as a result of following this direction from the Canadian Armed Forces, and this will be taken into consideration when you apply. Including volunteer experience in your application that is less recent will be more acceptable with your particular circumstances. When volunteering is once again permitted, you are encouraged to seek opportunities to do so.

Can I transfer my military pension?

The Calgary Police Service pension is with Special Forces Pension Plan (SFPP). SFPP does not have a transfer agreement with the Canadian Armed Forces pension, therefore your pension cannot be transferred over. However, you do have the option to buy back pension with SFPP. For more details on buying back your pension, please contact SFPP directly at 1-877-809-7377 or visit their website https://www.sfpp.ca/.

Can I remain in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves while pursuing a fulltime career as a police officer?

Yes, CPS is proudly a member of the Glowing Hearts Initiative – Canadian Forces Liaison Council. Police officers who are also reservists typically take part in part-time unit training during their non-scheduled working hours and communicate their availability for reserve training with their chain of command. CPS Armed Forces Leave policy is also available to support reservist training and deployment, and members with 18 months continuous service are eligible to apply.

What are our Seizure Guidelines?

Please note that if an applicant has a seizure disorder diagnosis and is receiving medication treatment for it, our Occupational Health Nurse will need to confirm diagnosis/medication to ensure there is no concern on fitness for duty. You will need to be seizure free for 5 years and checked by our Occupational Health Nurse to be fit for duty.

Condition Eligibility
After a single, unprovoked seizure, before diagnosis Ineligible for police constable positions until seizure free for 12 months
After a diagnosis of epilepsy Eligible after 5 years of being seizure free
After surgery to prevent epileptic seizures Eligible after 5 years of being seizure free

What are our Cannabis Use Guidelines?

CPS has a zero-tolerance cannabis use policy. This includes all cannabis products including THC & CBD. CPS has a zero-tolerance policy on substance use because of the nature of the work in many roles being defined as Safety Sensitive.

Positions within CPS that are classified as safety sensitive have a key and direct role in operations where impaired performance could result in a significant incident affecting the health and safety of employees or the public.

We would not accept any recruit applicants who are using cannabis products even if they are prescribed.

What are the medical requirements for recruit officers?

This medical self assessment tool can be used learn more information on the medical requirements for recruits. If you have additional or specific questions, please reach out to the CPS recruiting email.

I’m a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves - can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply. Training and skills developed in the Army transfer well into police work. Discipline, agility, intelligence, and mental resilience are key components in becoming a Police Officer.

Does having tattoos negatively impact me as a candidate for the role of a Police Officer?

In short, no. Tattoos are accepted at the Service however members are expected to project a professional and unbiased image at all times when representing CPS. Members are encouraged to limit the placement of tattoos to areas that can easily be covered with the approved CPS uniform. Any tattoos deemed to be offensive, present an unprofessional appearance, or undermine the dignity and authority of law enforcement are required to be covered.

What are the physical expectations during recruit training?

Recruits are expected to be in good physical condition upon entering recruit training. They will have regular classes – varying in duration – encompassing defensive tactics, firearms operation and physical fitness. Recruits are tested in a variety of fitness components including the following

  • Leger 20m Shuttle Run
  • Pull Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Scored Conditioning Circuits

I have Peace Officer status in Canada, am I eligible for the DEO Program with CPS?

You must be employed by an accredited Police Service or Agency in Canada. While it may make you a competitive candidate, we currently do not accept time served with the Military Police, Corrections, Transit Officers, Bylaw Officers, Sheriffs, Highway Patrol, CBSA, or Railway Officers into the DEO Program.