Applicants may be deferred in the initial stages after a review for content, completeness, minimum requirements and competitiveness with other applicants. Deferrals can also take place at any stage of the recruiting process.  A deferral period will be applied and depend on the severity, frequency and recency of any identified concerns or competitiveness.

If deferred, there may be a number of reasons your application is not being considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to review the requirements and assess your application. The self-assessment questionnaire and preferred qualifications section may help with this self-reflection of your submission and assist you in identifying areas for improvement. Lastly, if you have disclosed involvement in criminal activity or behaviour inconsistent with our core values, this may preclude your application from being considered.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we will not contact every applicant who applies with us, only those that will be moving forward in the recruiting process.   If you wish to discuss how you may be more competitive, consider attending an information session.

After serving a deferral period, you may still not be successful again if you are not displaying a higher level of competitiveness.   Take the time to make self-improvements prior to applying again.

If you have received a lifetime deferral / disqualification you may provide a written appeal as detailed in the notification letter. All other deferrals cannot be appealed.