• 23 years with the Calgary Police Service.
  • Currently working in the Guns and Gangs Unit.

“It was about ‘us’…all of ‘us’.”

Where does balance come from in your life?

The people around me. I have kids that help keep me sorted. My circle of friends both on and off the job are a great source of support.

Along with your job, what else do you put your energy towards?

Fitness plays a large role, CrossFit and Spartan are two examples. Being outdoors, whether on my motorcycle, snowboard, or skies. Traveling is also something I enjoy.

Being on the job, what stereotype do you think people hold about women in policing?

Maybe that you can’t be a successful, strong, silly, proud, happy, smart and feminine woman and also be a cop at the same time.  The truth is, you can. You can be whomever and whatever you want to be if you put your mind and body to it, and if you want it enough.  No limits.

Why policing?

I chose policing because I wanted to be part of a team and part of the solution.  I wanted to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. For me it was about big picture thinking, it was about “us” …. all of “us”.