Support Section (Canine Unit, Air Services Unit, Crisis Negotiator Unit, Tactical Unit, Mounted Unit)

  • National Certification in Critical Incident Command.
  • Only serving female Critical Incident Commander at CPS.
  • 23.5 years at Calgary Police Service.

“I believe that when you set your sights and reach for a goal, determination and drive will help you achieve it.”

How do you balance work and personal life?

In my current role this can be challenging, as there is often a lot of overlap into personal time.  I have a very supportive home life and they understand the expectations and demands of my rank.  We do like to travel as a family and we keep busy with my daughter and her horses.

Why did you choose policing and why should other women consider this profession?

Diversity…every day, every call and every interaction with citizens is different.  As police officers we can make a difference in someone’s life, especially when things aren’t going well for them.  We work and train hard and we have a large responsibility both on and off the job to always do the right thing.  This career can be extremely rewarding if you have a calling to it and the challenges it can bring.

What is a stereotype that you have debunked as a female officer?

The stereotype that there are things women can’t do.

When I first started two women were not allowed to work together in a car. That archaic way of thinking inspired me to work hard and be smart in my deployments.  I joined this career for the work and not to worry about some of the attitudes that existed.  My career focused on the operational side and I have worked in various areas throughout the City.  I have achieved a high level of success with the support of some amazing mentors (both male and female) and I have always strived to do the right thing for the right reasons.  I hold people accountable in a respectful manner and more importantly I truly care for the people that work with me.


When I took over the role of the commander of the Support Section I was told that I was the first female commander in Canada, possibly even in North America to have these types of units under her command. Some told me that I would fail and some wanted me to. For me, failing is never an option.