Can I transfer my pension?

There likely will not be an option to directly transfer your
pension, however you can purchase pensionable years with the CPS using your
current pension payout. To consider this, please discuss a Locked In Retirement
Account (LIRA) at your financial institution before your submit your
resignation with your current employer. Once employed with CPS contact the
Special Forces Pension Plan ( to
discuss the LIRA and pension. 

What qualifies an experienced officer to apply for the DEO program?

All minimum requirements, including:

  • must have a minimum of 2 years of policing experience (including training) with an accredited Canadian Police Service / Agency;
  • must be currently employed by an accredited police service, in Canada;
  • must be in good standing with your current police agency;
  • must be free and clear of any ongoing internal investigations or disciplines;
  • the final decision regarding a candidates eligibility for the DEO program will be determined by the Recruiting Unit

How do DEO applicants apply and what is the process

By completing a full online application package  on
APATS and have all required valid documents.  Experienced officers must
complete each stage of the process. 

What if I do not meet the Visual Acuity Standards on the application?

If any portion of the vision standard is not met, you must attach a letter from an eye professional stating your candidacy for one of the allowable corrective procedures listed on the form and the likelihood you will meet the standard following corrective surgery. The visual standard and appropriate healing and medical clearance must be met prior to hiring.

I’ve completed testing in a province other than Alberta – is it recognized?

Each province has their own testing measures, and you will be required to meet the Alberta standards if you are applying to the Calgary Police Service. Our written testing consists of the Alberta Communications Test (ACT) and the Alberta Police Cognitive Ability Test (APCAT), and our physical testing is the Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP).

I’m a serving Canadian Forces member – can I apply?

Yes you can apply. Application from Canadian Forces is an easy transition to a new career path. Much of the training, discipline, and mental fortitude that you’ve developed during your time in the military will be of value to you as a Police Officer. Once you are through our full process, at that time you will be asked to start your release of your employment contract with the Canadian Forces.

I submitted my application on-line but haven’t been contacted by anyone – how long will it take?

The Calgary Police Service is currently facing a very high volume of applications and each application is processed individually, often causing a delay in time from when the application is submitted to when the applicant is contacted by a File Manager.

Thank you for your patience.

I received a deferral, what are my next steps?

Applicants may be deferred in the initial stages after a review for content, completeness, minimum requirements and competitiveness with other applicants. Deferrals can also take place at any stage of the recruiting process.  A deferral period will be applied and depend on the severity, frequency and recency of any identified concerns or competitiveness.

If deferred, there may be a number of reasons your application is not being considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to review the requirements and assess your application. The self-assessment questionnaire and preferred qualifications section may help with this self-reflection of your submission and assist you in identifying areas for improvement. Lastly, if you have disclosed involvement in criminal activity or behaviour inconsistent with our core values, this may preclude your application from being considered.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we will not contact every applicant who applies with us, only those that will be moving forward in the recruiting process.   If you wish to discuss how you may be more competitive, consider attending an information session.

After serving a deferral period, you may still not be successful again if you are not displaying a higher level of competitiveness.   Take the time to make self-improvements prior to applying again.

If you have received a lifetime deferral / disqualification you may provide a written appeal as detailed in the notification letter.   All other deferrals will not be appealed.

I haven’t found the answer to my question, what do I do now?

If you are confident that your question has not been answered by any section of our website, feel free to drop us an email at Note that the email mailbox is not monitored on a daily basis, so please be patient.

I don’t have all my family’s information – how do I complete the Security Clearance form?

Provide us with as much information as you can about your father/mother/sibling, such as their date of birth and last known address. If you are unsure, please indicate that you are unsure, and include a separate page explaining the situation and that you have not had contact with him/her in several years.