Are you accepting applications from out of country applicants?

At the present time, we are not accepting out of country applications. In order to apply, you must be a Canadian citizen, have landed immigrant or permanent resident status and you must reside in Canada for at least three years.

How do I apply for a civilian position?

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a civilian with the Calgary Police Service, you can refer to the City of Calgary website for job openings.

I don't live in Calgary, is there a different application process for out of town applicants?

Out of town applicants are required to come to Calgary for portions of testing. Once your application is received, a Recruiting Officer will work with you to coordinate testing.
Please note: You are responsible for all costs associated with your travel to and from Calgary. In most cases, applicants need to travel to Calgary more than once and/or be available for several days in a row.

How can I prepare for the written testing?

You may wish to consult an external study guide, web resources or a tutor. You also may want to attend an English as a Second Language course before registering for testing, if you are concerned about your level of proficiency in spoken and written English.

Is there a cut-off date to apply? When does the next recruit class start?

The CPS is continually accepting applications. Successful applicants are considered for placement in future recruit classes and will be advised when their recruit class begins when they receive their conditional offer of employment.

What is A-PREP?

The Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP) is a physical skills and ability test. The A-PREP is the provincial standard for fitness screening of police constable applicants in Alberta. The two components of the A-PREP are a pursuit restraint circuit and a shuttle run. Applicants will have to pass both components, on the same day, to pass the A-PREP.
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Will applicants be able to practice the A-PREP before attempting the test?

Free A-PREP orientation sessions are offered to all applicants. Attending an A-PREP Orientation session is strongly encouraged for all applicants prior to attempting the A-PREP. Orientation sessions will provide applicants with an opportunity to use all the A-PREP equipment, including the ability to run the shuttle run. Applicants will receive feedback and coaching from CPS fitness unit staff during these sessions.

During each A-PREP test session applicants will be provided 10 minutes to refamiliarize themselves with the A-PREP equipment before the test starts.

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Where can I do the A-PREP?

The A-PREP test can only be administered by or on behalf of one of the four agencies licensed to conduct testing. The four licensed agencies are the:

  • Calgary Police Service
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • Lethbridge Regional Police Service
  • Medicine Hat Police Service

The Calgary Police Service will accept the results of an A-PREP test conducted by any of the above agencies.

How long is my A-PREP score valid for?

A-PREP test results are valid for six months.

If I fail the A-PREP can I re-do the test?

Yes. Applicants can register for another A-PREP test following their first failure. If an applicant fails on the second test there is a mandatory two month waiting period before the A-PREP can be attempted again and two month waiting period for each successive fail.