What if I do not meet the Visual Acuity Standards on the application?

If any portion of the vision standard is not met, you must attach a letter from an eye professional stating your candidacy for one of the allowable corrective procedures listed on the form and the likelihood you will meet the standard following corrective surgery. The visual standard and appropriate healing and medical clearance must be met prior to hiring.

Is there a cut-off date to apply? When does the next recruit class start?

The CPS is continually accepting applications. Successful applicants are considered for placement in future recruit classes and will be advised when their recruit class begins when they receive their conditional offer of employment.

How long does the application process take?

The time required to complete all stages of the selection process varies. It is also affected by your availability to attend scheduled appointments. You must be successful at each stage of the process in order to proceed to the next stage.

How do I ensure I am a competitive applicant?

A competitive applicant will display a strong balance between education, life experience, work experience and a demonstrated commitment towards community involvement.