What are our Seizure Guidelines?

Please note that if an applicant has a seizure disorder diagnosis and is receiving medication treatment for it, our Occupational Health Nurse will need to confirm diagnosis/medication to ensure there is no concern on fitness for duty. You will need to be seizure free for 5 years and checked by our Occupational Health Nurse to be fit for duty.

Condition Eligibility
After a single, unprovoked seizure, before diagnosis Ineligible for police constable positions until seizure free for 12 months
After a diagnosis of epilepsy Eligible after 5 years of being seizure free
After surgery to prevent epileptic seizures Eligible after 5 years of being seizure free

What are the medical requirements for recruit officers?

This medical self assessment tool can be used learn more information on the medical requirements for recruits. If you have additional or specific questions, please reach out to the CPS recruiting email.