What are the physical expectations during recruit training?

Recruits are expected to be in good physical condition upon entering recruit training. They will have regular classes – varying in duration – encompassing defensive tactics, firearms operation and physical fitness. Recruits are tested in a variety of fitness components including the following

  • Leger 20m Shuttle Run
  • Pull Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Scored Conditioning Circuits

How can I prepare myself for the recruit training program?

The Recruit Training Program is a challenging program requiring planning, resiliency and adaptability.  You must maintain a high level of physical fitness when entering the recruit training and give consideration to how you will balance proper nutrition, sleep, training schedules and expectations outside of the workplace.   Recruits can better prepare themselves for the driver training program by ensuring they have experience driving, backing up and parking a variety of vehicles such as:  different size automobilies, vans and trucks.   All other direction on preparing for classes will be provided after you receive a letter of offer.