You’ve proudly served your Country. We want you to serve your Community.

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) recognizes that successful applicants from our military community make excellent police officers. Serving in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as soldiers, sailors and airmen/airwomen has helped you develop core skills and abilities such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, initiative, determination, problem solving, and the ability to work under pressure. These skills are directly applicable to a career with CPS.

“I have served with the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserves throughout my 11 year career as a police officer. I have consistently been supported by the Calgary Police Service through the Armed Forces Leave policy, by every supervisor I’ve had, and by my colleagues as I’ve completed two overseas deployments and several fulltime courses at various bases across Canada during those 11 years. I have been so fortunate to find this level of support from my workplace!”

The application process for a Regular Force Member of the CAF to join CPS is a standard process and is the same for all applicants. Regular Force Members should be aware of the following supports and areas of focus for their unique career transition circumstances:

Flexible start date: Regular Force Members do not need to initiate their release or transfer to the Reserve Force until they have received their offer of employment with CPS.

Out of Town: For Regular Force Members posted outside of Calgary, you will have to travel to Calgary for portions of testing. A Recruiting Officer will work with you to coordinate this testing. Note that some CAF Members will be eligible for reimbursements of move costs to Calgary under Intended Place of Residence through the CAF.

Health and Fitness and Starting a Policing Career later in life: Policing is an excellent choice for a career transition out of the CAF, whether you’ve served 3 years or 20 years. The minimum age to apply to become a police officer is 18, but the Calgary Police Service hires many applicants each year over 40 who remain fit and healthy. As the military uses the FORCE test to evaluate physical fitness, in Alberta the A-PREP is used to evaluate physical fitness to be a police officer. Having been required to maintain your fitness in the CAF, you will find with some adaptations in your physical training, you can pass the A-PREP.

Some Regular Force Members choose to release from the CAF, however some choose to continue their career in the CAF with the Reserves. There are a number of local Army Reserve units under 41 Canadian Brigade Group, as well as 15 Field Ambulance and also the Navy Reserve at HMCS Tecumseh. Reservists in Calgary also benefit from the resources offered by the Calgary MFRC. The Calgary Police Service supports reservists pursuing a parallel military career. Please continue to read the next section if you are considering transferring into the Reserves.

The application process for a Reserve Force Member of the CAF to join CPS is a standard process and is the same for all applicants. In July 2021, CPS proudly became a member of the With Glowing Hearts – Reservist Support Initiative through the Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC). Reserve Force Members should be aware of the following supports and areas of focus for their unique circumstances:

Armed Forces Leave Policy: The CPS Leave Policy for Sworn members allows for leave to be granted to reservists in accordance with the applicable collective agreement, and the City of Calgary Military Leave for Reservists Policy.

  • After 18 months continuous service you are eligible to apply.
  • Time on leave can count towards your pension.
  • You will continue to accrue seniority at CPS.
  • You will receive top up pay if the CAF pays you less than your normal salary at CPS.

Exempt Drill and Training (ED&T) and Non-Effective Strength (NES): Some new recruits to CPS will choose to request ED&T during classes to allow complete attention focused on CPS training during this time, however this is not required by CPS. As a reservist, it is your responsibility to monitor your parade status at your unit, and if balancing CPS classes with regular parading is not possible, then you are strongly encouraged to request ED&T rather than becoming NES. CPS recognizes that many reservists wish to maintain their qualifications and readiness, contribute to their units, and accrue seniority for the purpose of promotion eligibility, pay incentive increases, and Canadian Decoration eligibility, and as such, CPS supports a continued career with the reserves during non-scheduled working hours for the first 18 months of employment. Upon hiring to CPS, it is strongly advised to communicate your CPS employment requirements with your chain of command, especially since after you complete classes you will begin shift work, which will certainly make you unavailable for some parade nights and weekend exercises.

Calgary is great city for you as a Veteran to make your permanent home.

There are several Legions in Calgary, which all serving military and Veterans are eligible to join free for their first year. The City of Calgary recognizes Veterans with gestures such as the Veterans’ Parking Program, providing $10/month courtesy credit for on-street parking. The Military Museums offers free access to all serving military and Veterans. Many local businesses offer discounts to Military Veterans with CFOne cards.

Additionally, Calgary offers proximity to the mountains for those who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The Calgary Police Service values its military Veterans and Reservists, and has sought to maintain connections with the surrounding military community, providing liaisons to organizations such as the Veteran’s Association Food Bank, participating in the CP Rail “Spin for a Veteran” fundraiser, sending volunteers to set up the Field of Crosses Memorial and participating in sunrise and sundown ceremonies, and speaking at Remembrance Day events. You will find that your service and experiences as a Veteran are noted, appreciated, and called upon frequently internally.

I’m a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces Regular Force– can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. Applicants from the Canadian Armed Forces find policing to a be a natural transition to a new career path. Much of the training, discipline, and mental fortitude that you’ve developed during your time in the military will be of value to you as a Police Officer. Once you are through our full process, at that time you will be asked to start your release of your employment contract with the Canadian Armed Forces, or your transfer to the Reserves.

I’m a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves – can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply. Training and skills developed in the Army transfer well into police work. Discipline, agility, intelligence, and mental resilience are key components in becoming a Police Officer.

Can I remain in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves while pursuing a fulltime career as a police officer?

Yes, CPS is proudly a member of the Glowing Hearts Initiative – Canadian Forces Liaison Council. Police officers who are also reservists typically take part in part-time unit training during their non-scheduled working hours and communicate their availability for reserve training with their chain of command. CPS Armed Forces Leave policy is also available to support reservist training and deployment, and members with 18 months continuous service are eligible to apply.

Due to Covid-19, I have been directed by my chain of command not to volunteer, to limit my potential exposure to Covid-19. Will this affect my application?

The Calgary Police Service recognizes that your lack of recent volunteer experience is as a result of following this direction from the Canadian Armed Forces, and this will be taken into consideration when you apply. Including volunteer experience in your application that is less recent will be more acceptable with your particular circumstances. When volunteering is once again permitted, you are encouraged to seek opportunities to do so.

Can I transfer my military pension?

The Calgary Police Service pension is with Special Forces Pension Plan (SFPP). SFPP does not have a transfer agreement with the Canadian Armed Forces pension, therefore your pension cannot be transferred over. However, you do have the option to buy back pension with SFPP. For more details on buying back your pension, please contact SFPP directly at 1-877-809-7377 or visit their website

Behavioral Descriptive Interview (BDI) Workshop

CAF members are familiar with the Military Personnel Evaluation Report (PER) system as their means of career progression. While effective in a military context, this system does not prepare you for advocating for and promoting your own competencies as required in the CPS application process. Your success in the BDI is as dependent on your choice of examples as how you present them; this is a skill. CAF members are highly encouraged to take advantage of the BDI Workshop which will be offered by your file manager.

Veteran Mentorship Program

The CPS Recruiting Unit will offer to connect you with a volunteer police officer who is also a military Veteran, and who shares a similar CAF background to your own, to mentor you through the career transition process.

For more information on these programs and general information geared towards Veterans and Reservists sign up for one of our Military specific information sessions.

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