The Calgary Police Service is searching for experienced police officers working in Canada that are ready to join one of the top law enforcement agencies in the country. The benefits of our DEO program include reduced training time and a starting wage commensurate with your completed years of Service (to a max of 5 years).

For 2022, CPS is planning to fill three designated DEO classes in May, June and November.

Not sure if Calgary is for you? To find out, please visit Life in Calgary for information on the benefits of living in Calgary and what our community has to offer.

DEO applicants must:

    • Meet all minimum requirements including the requirement of being a Canadian citizen, have landed Immigrant status or permanent resident status (living in Canada or the United States for three years).
    • Have a minimum of 2 years of policing experience.
    • Be currently employed and in good standing with a Canadian federal, provincial, municipal or First Nations police service whose training and minimum standards are equivalent to that of CPS. Excludes: Military Police, Sheriffs, Highway Patrol, Corrections, Bylaw, Transit Police, CBSA.
    • Complete and submit a full CPS recruit application.

Please Note:

If you are a current serving member with another police agency and have a question about the DEO program or for more information please contact us: