What is A-PREP?

The Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP) is a physical skills and ability test. The CPS uses this tool for fitness screening of police constable applicants in Alberta.
The A-PREP is a minimum standard as established by the Solicitor General and Public Security Minister and deemed a Bona-fide Occupational Requirement of a police constable.
A-PREP test results are valid for six months.
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Will applicants be able to practice the A-PREP before attempting the test?

A-PREP orientation sessions will be offered to applicants upon successful completion of the written exams. Applicants should also review the Fit to Serve information they will be provided. All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend an A-PREP Orientation session prior to attempting the A-PREP. Applicants are encouraged to maintain their fitness after passing A-PREP.
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Where can I do the A-PREP?

The A-PREP test can only be administered by or on behalf of one of the four agencies licensed to conduct testing. The four licensed agencies are the:

  • Calgary Police Service
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • Lethbridge Regional Police Service
  • Medicine Hat Police Service

The Calgary Police Service will accept the results of an A-PREP test conducted by any of the above agencies.

How long is my A-PREP score valid for?

A-PREP test results are valid for six months.

If I fail the A-PREP can I re-do the test?

Yes. Applicants can register for the A-PREP test following their first failure. If an applicant fails on the second test there is a two month waiting period before A-PREP can be attempted again and two month waiting period for each successive fail.