What is A-PREP?

The Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP) is a physical skills and ability test. The A-PREP is the provincial standard for fitness screening of police constable applicants in Alberta. The two components of the A-PREP are a pursuit restraint circuit and a shuttle run. Applicants will have to pass both components, on the same day, to pass the A-PREP.
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Will applicants be able to practice the A-PREP before attempting the test?

Free A-PREP orientation sessions are offered to all applicants. Attending an A-PREP Orientation session is strongly encouraged for all applicants prior to attempting the A-PREP. Orientation sessions will provide applicants with an opportunity to use all the A-PREP equipment, including the ability to run the shuttle run. Applicants will receive feedback and coaching from CPS fitness unit staff during these sessions.

During each A-PREP test session applicants will be provided 10 minutes to refamiliarize themselves with the A-PREP equipment before the test starts.

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Where can I do the A-PREP?

The A-PREP test can only be administered by or on behalf of one of the four agencies licensed to conduct testing. The four licensed agencies are the:

  • Calgary Police Service
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • Lethbridge Regional Police Service
  • Medicine Hat Police Service

The Calgary Police Service will accept the results of an A-PREP test conducted by any of the above agencies.

How long is my A-PREP score valid for?

A-PREP test results are valid for six months.

If I fail the A-PREP can I re-do the test?

Yes. Applicants can register for another A-PREP test following their first failure. If an applicant fails on the second test there is a mandatory two month waiting period before the A-PREP can be attempted again and two month waiting period for each successive fail.