I have Peace Officer status in Canada, am I eligible for the DEO Program with CPS?

You must be employed by an accredited Police Service or
Agency in Canada. While it may make you a competitive candidate, we currently
do not accept time served with the Military Police, Corrections, Transit
Officers, Bylaw Officers, Sheriffs, Highway Patrol, CBSA, etc., into the DEO

What are the benefits of the DEO Program for experienced members who qualify?

  • Reduced training time
  • If there is not a DEO Class approved and you enter the
    full recruit training you can provide mentorship to your class-mates and
    acclimatize yourself to the CPS procedures and local legislation. 
    You would still be recognized for your years of completed Service through
    your salary and vacation;
  • A wage commensurate with your completed years of
    Service with an accredited Canadian Police Agency / Service (we include
    the 6 months that you spent in training), up to a max of 5 years being a
    First Class Constable with CPS;

When is the next DEO class?

Currently, there is not a confirmed DEO class. Any experienced members who are successful through the application process will be offered the option of entering the next available recruit class or wait for a designated DEO class.

Can I transfer my pension?

There likely will not be an option to directly transfer your
pension, however you can purchase pensionable years with the CPS using your
current pension payout. To consider this, please discuss a Locked In Retirement
Account (LIRA) at your financial institution before your submit your
resignation with your current employer. Once employed with CPS contact the
Special Forces Pension Plan (www.sfpp.com) to
discuss the LIRA and pension. 

What qualifies an experienced officer to apply for the DEO program?

All minimum requirements, including:

  • must have a minimum of 2 years of policing experience (including training) with an accredited Canadian Police Service / Agency;
  • must be currently employed by an accredited police service, in Canada;
  • must be in good standing with your current police agency;
  • must be free and clear of any ongoing internal investigations or disciplines;
  • the final decision regarding a candidates eligibility for the DEO program will be determined by the Recruiting Unit

How do DEO applicants apply and what is the process

By completing a full online application package  on
APATS and have all required valid documents.  Experienced officers must
complete each stage of the process.