What are the medical requirements for recruit officers?

This medical self assessment tool can be used learn more information on the medical requirements for recruits. If you have additional or specific questions, please reach out to the CPS recruiting email.

What if I do not meet the Visual Acuity Standards on the application?

If any portion of the vision standard is not met, you must attach a letter from an eye professional stating your candidacy for one of the allowable corrective procedures listed on the form and the likelihood you will meet the standard following corrective surgery. The visual standard and appropriate healing and medical clearance must be met prior to hiring.

Can I submit RCMP vision and hearing forms with my application?

We cannot accept the RCMP vision and hearing forms as all municipal police agencies in Alberta follow provincial standards for these tests and the criteria differs from that of the RCMP. You will need to have your vision and hearing tested again using our standards and forms.