Cannabis and working with the Calgary Police Service

Positions within CPS that are classified as safety sensitive have a key and direct role in operations where impaired performance could result in a significant incident affecting the health and safety of employees or the public. Under the Police Service Regulations, a police officer shall not engage in 5(1)(b) “consumption or use of liquor or drugs in a manner that is prejudicial to duty” which includes not “reporting for duty, being on duty or standing by for duty while unfit to do so by reason of the use of alcohol or a drug” (s. 5(2)(b)(iii)). As such, sworn members who are qualified to use firearms and are able to be operationally deployed, as well as sworn police recruits, are prohibited from using recreational cannabis on or off duty.

What if I have used drugs in the past, can I still apply?

All applicants must be a minimum of three years clear of any detected or undetected criminal activity. This includes past drug use. Our selection process is very thorough and includes several in-depth interviews, a polygraph examination and a background security investigation. It does not include a drug test. However, one of the criteria we evaluate candidates on is life experience. If you disclose any illegal activity, we will discuss it with you and determine whether it will preclude you from becoming a police officer with the Calgary Police Service. Complete disclosure throughout the recruiting process is crucial to a successful application. If you used it after legalization, it would not affect your eligibility but you will be assessed on the reason for the usage and the frequency.