How long does the application process take?

The time required to complete all stages of the selection process varies. It is also affected by your availability to attend scheduled appointments. You must be successful at each stage of the process in order to proceed to the next stage.

How do I ensure I am a competitive applicant?

A competitive applicant will display a strong balance between education, life experience, work experience and a demonstrated commitment towards community involvement.

Can the Recruiting Unit arrange a ride-along with a police officer for me?

Applicants currently in the process can discuss this opportunity with their recruiting officer.

What if I have used drugs in the past, can I still apply?

All applicants must be a minimum of three years clear of any detected or undetected criminal activity. This includes past drug use. Our selection process is very thorough and includes several in-depth interviews, a polygraph examination and a background security investigation. It does not include a drug test. However, one of the criteria we evaluate candidates on is life experience. If you disclose any illegal activity, we will discuss it with you and determine whether it will preclude you from becoming a police officer with the Calgary Police Service. Complete disclosure throughout the recruiting process is crucial to a successful application.

Can I apply to the Calgary Police Service if I have been deferred from another police agencies application process?

Yes, the Calgary Police Service makes all hiring decision based on our own selection process.

If I have been charged and convicted of a criminal code offence, can I still apply?

Yes, as long as a pardon for the offence has been granted. It can take up to two years to receive a pardon. A copy of the pardon must be included when you submit your application package.

What information services are available to people who want to join CPS as a sworn member?

The CPS offers information sessions, large group lectures, career fairs and other events to assist applicants in their pursuit of a policing career.

Should I apply if I am not 3 years clear of detected or undetected criminal activity?

No. Your application will be rejected and you will be deferred. Three years clear of criminal activity is the minimum distance from these activities to be considered for a career in policing.